A bit about me and the site.

About this site

T Inc. is me, online. It's all (well, almost all) of the things I publish on the web. It pulls my photos and favorites from Flickr, my status updates from Twitter, my links from Delicious Pinboard and quite a bit more. It's basically a one-stop shop to keep current with what I'm doing.

For those geeky few of you, the site is powered by Django and the content is pulled in through via APIs using various scripts that run on cron jobs at various times. I've been using the system humbly, with the help of Jeff Croft, for about three years now. At this point, I think I owe him at least 50 white russians for patiently enduring my constant questioning.

About me

I'm currently a Product Designer for Facebook.

I believe that technology should be not only be functional but beautiful. It should be simple and straightforward and yet robust and engaging. It should be fun too.

I've been working on the web since 1999. View more of my work or get in contact with me.


T Inc. is basically my online presence since I try and bring everything into the site but you can also go directly to the source.

You can find me on: