& House

& House

My new cutting board thanks to Sean and Matt’s (slightly) late birthday present. It was totally worth the wait though! You guys rule.

Also, if you can’t tell from the buttons, the thing is massive.

December 17th, 2008

20mmf28d, ampersand, buttons, cuttingboard, houseindustries, nikkor20mmf28d

  • Camera: NIKON D90
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Shutter speed: 0.05 sec (1/20)
  • Focal length: 20 mm
  • © Thomas A. Watson All Rights Reserved.

Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D


01 December 17th, 2008

shades of mediocrity

this is pretty damn cool. (when was your birthday?)

02 December 17th, 2008


@shades of mediocrity Thanks, yep, totally stoked. Oh and my birthday was back in November (the 21st).

03 December 17th, 2008

shades of mediocrity

happy belated (two days before my grandmother’s =) )

04 December 17th, 2008

J.J. Wright

Damn cool for a cutting conjunction.

05 December 18th, 2008

D. Keith Robinson

That’s awesome!

06 December 18th, 2008


wow. i love that board.

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