shallow depth of field.

Taken by dotsara.

shallow depth of field.

Program mode doesn’t like to open up all the way.

Same shot sideways & desktop-sized. (Dave’s idea.)

December 20th, 2007

50mmf14d, depthoffield, nikkor50mmf14d

  • Camera: NIKON D300
  • Aperture: f/1.6
  • Shutter speed: 0.1 sec (1/10)
  • Focal length: 50 mm


01 December 20th, 2007


Program mode???

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

02 December 20th, 2007


Aw c’mon, I never once used Program mode on my D70. Or maybe only once. I’ve been trying it out in different situations to see how it does. Sometimes the vehicle is in motion and I don’t have time to fiddle with settings, so nyah. (I don’t mean when I’m driving, btw. coughtetercough (; )

03 December 20th, 2007




actually, it’s pretty good for parties. and you can dial the f-stop with the control wheel.

but i usually only shoot aperture priority.

and yeah. for the record, i tapped the car in front of me on the bay bridge.

dumb dumb dumb.

04 December 20th, 2007


Well, now I know how to get everyone’s hackles up. Admit to shooting in Program mode! :D

05 December 20th, 2007


oh the jealousy.

06 December 20th, 2007


and i used to shoot in program mode quite a bit.

07 December 20th, 2007


It’s just the 50mm! Yay, program mode! (:

08 December 21st, 2007


I never shoot in program mode. Well, maybe once in a while. Hehe

With my D3, I’m even contemplating using auto ISO mode in conditions where it is dim or the light is constantly changing since it handles high ISO so well. You just set the slowest shutter speed and highest ISO you want and the camera does the rest. I’ve been testing it out. I wouldn’t even have contemplated doing this on my D2x. ;)

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