Taken by Ansel Olson.

January 15th, 2013

400, 6x6, 75mmf35, antique, automat, automobile, boat, bus, canoe, car, classic, color, colour, film, format, house, kodak, medium, opton, portra, richmond, rolleiflex, rva, tessar, tlr, trees, va, van, vintage, virginia, volkswagen, vw, zeiss

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01 January 15th, 2013

Frank Eleveld


02 January 15th, 2013

Dead Slow

Livin’ the life.

OT: I can’t think of many neighborhoods here where that electric fan on the porch would stay put. Must be a low crime area.

03 January 15th, 2013

cr8visions - Robert Boisson

Love the van and the POV…such a heroic pose for a VW, like it’s the Hobbit of vehicles ready to take off for a new adventure.

04 January 15th, 2013

sam luther

there’s got to be a Dead sticker on there somewhere

05 January 15th, 2013

Ansel Olson

Thank you Frank!

They are Christopher. :-) Re: the fan, Richmond is kind of an interesting place that way. Not to say that things don’t get stolen from porches, but there seems to be a certain level of respect for porches around here. I can’t say for sure if it’s something cultural or just fear of getting shot…

Thank you Robert Boisson!

Thanks Sam Luther!

06 January 15th, 2013


British racing green, makes it seem much faster. :-)

07 January 15th, 2013

Gabo Barreto

Love the low angle.

08 January 16th, 2013


Great shot.

09 January 16th, 2013

Beth D. Yeaw Photography

oh this is great! I love the color!

10 January 17th, 2013

Linc ~

It brought the hippie out of me.

11 January 17th, 2013


The T2 is adventure pure. Beautiful colors.

12 January 24th, 2013

G Hue

That colour … absolute joy.

13 March 26th, 2013

phoebe reid

Love this! And this is on my dad’s street btw :) Things do get stolen but not all that often…

14 March 26th, 2013

Ansel Olson

It does Hans, it does. :-)

Thanks Gabo Barreto

thank you bnzai9

thanks sage’s people

thank you Linc

thanks drive-by

thank you G Hue

thanks Phoebe! It’s a handsome neighborhood your Dad lives in.

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