The Forever Stamp

Solving the annoying additional postage problem elegantly.

In case you haven’t heard the postage went up again yesterday from 39 cents to a whopping 41 cents. Now I’m sure for those of you out there who spend your time mailing like crazy this is big news, but for me, the infrequent mailer, this is just a huge annoyance. It means the stamps I’ve got are now no good and I either have to go buy some 2 cent stamps or just stick two stamps on the envelop and grossly over pay. Thankfully the U.S. postal service has figured out an elegant solution:

Enter the Forever Stamp.

It’s simple. You buy the stamp for the new 41 cents and it’s good forever. The postage goes up, no big deal. Your old stamps are still good and if you need to buy new ones sure they’ll cost more but they’ll be good forever too!

I love simple design solutions like this. It solves a real world problem in a simple and easy to understand way. I’m just surprised it took this long for it to happen.

May 15th, 2007


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01 May 15th, 2007

Dan Rubin

I was just discussing this solution last week with some friends — glad to see they did what I would have ;)

02 May 15th, 2007

Brian Warren

Agreed! They should have done this a long time ago. I seem to remember griping about this last time they upped the price - a first class stamp should be a first class stamp, its a super-elegant solution. I hope they keep this idea around and it doesn’t become just a novelty.

03 May 15th, 2007


now if only canada would follow suit! (I can’t believe I just said that) I have so many old stamps kickin around and just cant be bothered to buy 1 cent or 2 cent stamps so I end up just doubling up the old ones.

04 May 15th, 2007


It’s so simple and so easy. I can’t believe it took this long to figure out.

05 May 15th, 2007

Tom Watson

Dawn: I end up doing the same thing! I just mailed a letter today for 78 cents.

06 May 15th, 2007


Thank the sweet, soaring eagle. Maybe the RIAA will come around and make a Forever CD.

07 May 16th, 2007


That’s it! I’m writing a protest letter to the US Postal Service…..oh, dammit! Those government agencies are a clever bunch.

Sorry for the random comment Tom - I was on Dustin’s blog, and I tried to click on his link to “”, but my finger slipped and I ended up here….a vastly inferior place when it comes to discerning the pulse in Provo, might I add.

08 May 16th, 2007


A “whopping” 2-cent increase?? (Is this blog being written by my Uncle Leo?)

Sounds like you’re having sticker shock since the postage doesn’t begin with a “3”. Postage often increases by 2-cents at a time. This time is no different.

I agree that the forever stamp is a good idea though.

09 May 16th, 2007

Sean Madden

Yeah Tom, duh.

10 May 16th, 2007

Tom Watson

James: Yeah, yeah, I was going for sarcasm on the 2 cent increase. It’s not the cost but the inconvenience of having to deal with all those pesky two cent stamps.

Brian: Yes, I’m not quite up on Provo “pulse”, umm… thankfully.

11 May 16th, 2007


to put in my two dork cents - i’ll still buy regular stamps sometimes just because i like mailing letters with random stuff like fruits and vegetables, yoda or some notable yet sadly obscure american finally getting 15 minutes of postal fame. who wants the liberty bell to go on all your mail forever? boring!

12 May 16th, 2007

James Craig

Here’s how often I mail letters. In my wallet right now I have:

  • Four 37-cent stamps.
  • Three 2-cent stamps.

Perhaps it’s just a marketing ploy. Since people are using email so much, maybe the USPS wants them to buy a ton of “forever stamps” that might be lost or otherwise never used.

13 May 17th, 2007

Jorge Quinteros

Yes sir, I stopped by the post office the other day and purchased the Forever stamp.

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