Going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali

I’m moving down to California to work at Facebook as a Product Designer.

It’s with some sadness and a whole lot of excitement that I’m announcing I’ll be leaving Blue Flavor and going to work at Facebook as a Product Designer. I’m sad to be leaving a great group of friends and co-workers, but excited for the opportunity to work for such an smart, talented group of people working on such a well known and widely distributed product.

Everyone I met both during the interview process had a palpable passion for the product that was both humbling and inspiring. One thing is clear, people love working at Facebook and they truly believe in the product.

I’m also excited to be moving away from client work for a while. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve enjoyed the diversity and challenges that come from working on a constant stream of different client projects, but I’m ready to change it up and really dive into a single product for a while. I’m looking forward to the being part of a team where the focus is the same, making Facebook better.

It’s going to be tough to leave Seattle, but since I’m planning on moving to San Francisco and doing the Caltrain commute I’ve got plenty of friends down there to help make the move easier. I’m not leaving for a few weeks though, so for everyone in Seattle, let’s hang out, grab a few drinks or just have some caramels.

For those of you who know me well, I realize there’s a bit of irony in all this since for years I’ve long resisted even joining the service. In the end though, I’d rather spend my time trying to help improve a site that impacts a mind-boggling 200 million plus users than to spend my time complaining from the sidelines. There are few, if any sites, that have the challenges they do, and I can’t wait to help solve them.

It’s always tough to say goodbye to a job you’ve loved and a group of people you respect and admire, but it was time to move on. I just feel lucky that it’s with this opportunity to help improve both the product and brand of Facebook through something I love to do so much — design.

April 29th, 2009


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01 April 29th, 2009


Congratulations and good luck!

02 April 29th, 2009

Kevin N. Murphy


03 April 29th, 2009

Patrick Haney

Wow, didn’t see that one coming. I’m sure Keith and the rest of the Blue Flavor peeps will be sad to see you go, but I’m sure you’ll have fun in Cali.

And if you’re ever over here on the east side, look me up.

04 April 29th, 2009

Kevin Stewart

Wow, I’m both sorry to hear that you’re leaving Blue Flavor but happy for you as well. Hope to see you before you leave!


05 April 29th, 2009

Jason Santa Maria

Congrats and best of luck!

06 April 29th, 2009

Kyle Fox

Very exciting, best of luck!

I recently decided to switch from client projects to single-product work, and it’s very, very refreshing. I’ve found that you get more opportunity to do the kind of work that actually excites you (less client fires to put out), plus you know your work is going to have an instant effect on your user base — which, in your case, is one of the hugest in the world!

mad props for dropping in the B.I.G.

07 April 29th, 2009


Is it me or is all the talent slowly gravitating towards the Bay Area?

Nice work Tom!

08 April 29th, 2009


That’s great Tom. Sad to hear you’re leaving Blue Flavor but Facebook is lucky to get you!

09 April 29th, 2009

Joshua Works

Wow, congratulations Tom! That’s very exciting news. I’m looking forward to hear how your transition goes and what kinds of challenges you end up tackling at Facebook.

So, uh… is there a position open at Blue Flavor now? ;)

10 April 29th, 2009

Greg Hoy

Congrats Tom. California is luring a lot of people these days!

11 April 29th, 2009

Sara Flemming

Wooooo! I’m only marginally (read: extremely) jealous you’ll be back within the radius of In-N-Out Burger again. (sniff) (:

12 April 29th, 2009

Jenn Lukas

Congratulations and good luck in the move!

Elevated hand slap!

13 April 29th, 2009

Martin Ringlein

Congrats on the news. It’s sad to hear that you’re leaving Blue Flavor, but Facebook sounds like it has exactly what you’re looking for.

14 April 29th, 2009


Snoof. But yes, elevated hand slap. Congrats TW.


15 April 29th, 2009

Christian Watson

Congrats Tom - well deserved! It will certainly be an interesting and exciting experience for you.

16 April 29th, 2009

Tom Watson

Thanks everyone!

@Greg, @Greg Hoy I think it’s all the sun!

@Sara Flemming I know! I can’t wait to hit up In-N-Out!

@Jenn Lukas Double cat pound!

17 April 29th, 2009


Congrats, Tom! You are so talented and I can’t wait to hear about what you’ll be working on there (and, yes, I’m smiling about the irony of it!)

18 April 29th, 2009

Jeff Croft

Man, I’m gonna miss you, but I’m definitely excited for you. Big congrats, my friend.

19 April 29th, 2009

Tom Watson

@Lisa Yeah, yeah I figured you and Angela would get a kick out of it.

@Jeff Croft Thanks, I’m going to miss you too! Cough [insert man stuff here] cough

20 April 29th, 2009

Matthew Anderson

Congratulations, dude! You will definitely be missed! Coffee before you go!

21 April 29th, 2009

Dan Rubin

Oh wow, congrats man! I’ll be in Seattle for AEA, will track you down while I’m there.

22 April 30th, 2009

Matt Robin

Congratulations Tom! What an intriguing opportunity….with Facebook! :)

Have a great move to California, and all the best with the new team.

23 April 30th, 2009

Matt Brown

Congrats Tom! You’re going to do insanely well at Facebook — it’s a great fit for your talents and they’re lucky to have you on board.

Blueflavor and Whitespace aren’t going to be the same without you around to help me kill time talking about cameras and such. Srsly, contrats!

24 April 30th, 2009

Tom Watson

Thanks again everyone! I’m going to miss everyone up here in Seattle, but I can’t wait for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

@Dan Rubin Yeah, definitely hit me up when you’re in town. Would be great to see you, but I’m sure you’ll be in San Francisco soon enough, since you’re always traveling!

25 May 2nd, 2009

Kenny Meyers

I feel just as we have found our rhythm, you go ahead and leave me.

Tom, we had our work-struggles and our differences, but I believe in your work and what you’re doing, I always have. I appreciate your sensibilities. I have faith in you as a designer. I love Level and Tap.

I can’t wait to see what you do at Facebook. I think it’s a phenomenal opportunity, and I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I know everyone at FB will feel the same.

Thanks for being a friend when needed, and an stern colleague when necessary. There is no sarcasm, something I need to note, when I say you will be missed.

I expect great things from you young man.

Super Masculine-Man Hugs/Double-Pound

26 May 5th, 2009

Tom Watson

@Kenny Meyers Seriously man, thanks. I’m going to miss you too. You’ve grown so much in the short time we’ve worked together at Blue Flavor, and I too say this will all seriousness, you’ve got some mad skills and talent. I expect great things from you too.

Don’t work too hard, double-pound and keep in touch man.

27 May 7th, 2009

Daniel Schutzsmith

Best of luck Tom - it sounds like you surround yourself with good people no matter where you go and thats the best way to walk through life!

28 May 7th, 2009

Stephen Halsey

It’s hard to get the Cali out of you, once you’ve lived there! Sounds like an awesome opportunity.

Congrats, Tom

29 May 7th, 2009

Jay Fienberg

Ah, just figured out that this might be a good spot to leave you a note and say congrats! I think you’re making a really interesting career move, and you’ll definitely get a lot out of it.

Hope we’ll run into you on some weekend in San Francisco that way we’d run into you in Seattle. And, oh man, you’re going to have fun taking photos around town there!

30 May 8th, 2009

Brendan Kemp

Congrats Tom, that sounds great! I look forward to putting your ideas to the test. I had to comment because I really liked the Good Will Hunting reference.

31 May 9th, 2009

Tom Watson

Thanks again everyone! I just finished my last day at my old job and I’m looking forward to heading down to San Francisco in a little over a week. Oh, and yes Jay, I can’t wait to take some more photos of the city.

32 May 10th, 2009


Hi Tom, Tom and I saw Anne last month when we were in NY and she mentioned your move. Congratulations! Going to California and Facebook sounds pretty great. Hope all goes well in your transition. Barbara Spiegel and Tom Hodgkin

33 June 18th, 2009


…just fell off my chair. Well, I would of if I had a chair. I rolled off my ball…anyway, sheesh, I’ve been in a rabbit hole. Congrats! I know how addicted to FB you are, it’s so great you can make it your FT occupation!!

34 June 24th, 2009


congrats! i hope you like it!

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