Polaroid Breakfast

The 2nd annual instant film fans gathering.

For those of you who missed it last year, a few of us are getting together at Katzs Deli for the 2nd annual Polaroid Breakfast. Last year I wasn’t able to make it do to an airport security snafu but this year, unless the weather or security have it out for me again, I plan to be there.

The day's haul The day's haul

We’ll be talking about all things Polaroid, from the recently announced The Impossible Project to what filters you might be using or where you’ve still been able to find some film. It should be a good times had by all, but mostly it’s just a chance to get together and meet up with other instant film fans.

You don’t need a camera, just an interest and a working alarm clock to get there by 9:00 a.m.

The details:

I don’t have any reservations as it’s meant to just be a small gathering, but there’s been a lot more interest over the past year, so if you could just RSVP in the comments below in case I end up needing to give them a heads up.

February 10th, 2009


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01 February 10th, 2009

Sara Flemming

Bummed I’m going to miss it this year. Can’t wait to see the out put, though! (:

02 February 10th, 2009

Jason Garber

Hey Tom, this sounds like a lot of fun. Are there any tips on traveling with Polaroid film? I remember traveling with medium format and 35mm film in the past and there were special bags for it and/or you weren’t supposed to send it through the X-ray machines.

Any idea if unexposed Polaroid film has similar “gotchas” or anything like that?

03 February 10th, 2009

Patrick Haney

I should be able to join you, as long as I can function at 9AM on a Saturday. Maybe I’ll pack my SX-70 for Austin, but I suppose it depends on how much other crap I need to bring.

04 February 10th, 2009

Tom Watson

@Jason Garber You know, I haven’t had trouble, but Mark Bixby mentioned something about it. I believe he just checks his bag with the film to avoid problems. I’ll see if I can find out more.

05 February 10th, 2009

Brian Warren

I’ll be there again! Last year was pretty fun, despite your conspicuous absence.

06 February 10th, 2009

Mark Bixby

I have TSA hand check my film. I did have 4 packs that were ruined after going through the X-ray machine.

Also: I’ll be there! :D

07 February 10th, 2009

Dave Bias

Wow! Serendipitous… My girlfriend, who is always watching my back w/r/t these Internets, forwarded me this link.

A site I designed is up for an award at SXSW Interactive (Trevor Exter, CSS category) and I’ve been offered two free passes to attend the award ceremony.

AND I’m a week or two away from officially becoming the head of PolaPremium/Impossible Project in the USA. My partner and I are in the final stages of forming the company and signing contracts with Austria. We’ve been working with Doc in an unofficial capacity since early November 08 - just prior to the launch of PolaPremium…

It’s a case of all my various gigs coming together in a moment.

Sadly, I have no idea right now if I will be able to be in Austin for either this Polaroid Breakfast or SXSWi. In fact, I’m so unsure that I’ve put the word out to find a proxy to attend the award ceremony in my place so there’s at least someone to accept the award if (by very slim chance) I were to win…

Any of you folks want to attend SXSWi?

Regardless, I’d like to forward a small box of goodies for the breakfast attendees. Tom - can you email me please?

cheers, gang!

08 February 10th, 2009

Tom Watson

@Dave Bias Congrats! I’ll ask around and see if anyone still needs a ticket to SXSWi. I sent you an email too. It’d be great to get a few goodies for the breakfast. Thanks for the offer!

09 February 10th, 2009

Jason Garber

@Mark Bixby - Thanks for the tip. I’ll carry on a pack or two and maybe see about raiding a CVS in the Austin area for a stash.

10 February 13th, 2009

Dan Rubin

Damnit Tom, I don’t get to Austin until Saturday late-afternoon! :( I propose a move to Sunday morning, sort of a “Worship at the Church of Polaroid” meet-up ;)

I’ll have my SX-70 with me on the trip, so if ya’ll have more free time, maybe we can do a Polaroid walk on Sunday or Monday?

11 February 16th, 2009

Rachael P

Can wait to go

12 February 16th, 2009

Tom Watson

@Dan Rubin Shoot! Ha, and yeah we’ll definitely have to do a little photo walking at some point during SXSW.

13 February 18th, 2009

Grant Hamilton

I’ll be there. Anyone mind being interviewed for a documentary about Polaroid?


14 February 19th, 2009

Tom Watson

@Grant Hamilton Sweet! I’d be happy to be interviewed.

15 February 19th, 2009

Dan Rubin

@Grant: I’d love to as well, if you’re willing to wait half a day until I arrive ;)

16 February 19th, 2009

Josh Bryant

Bummed I will be missing it this year … although if Sara finds some cheap tickets maybe that will change.

17 February 21st, 2009


Am definitely interested in attending as Polaroid is my medium of choice.

18 February 25th, 2009

Laura Brunow Miner

Hi! I’ve got the badge Dave Bias mentioned above, and I’d love to come! Love to see you all again and do some photo dorking out.

19 February 26th, 2009

Cynthia Lux

I love Katz’s, can’t wait for SXSW and this sounds like a blast! Still space available?

20 March 1st, 2009

Tom Watson

@Cynthia Lux I believe so! It’s nothing official at this point, but I did let the GM of Kat’s know that there might be a few more people then I was thinking. I doubt too many people will be packing the place at 9:00 a.m.

21 March 2nd, 2009

Dan Rubin

Change of plans: I changed my flight to Friday, so I’ll be at the breakfast :) Thank goodness Southwest doesn’t have change-fees…

22 March 6th, 2009

Tom Watson

@Dan Rubin Sweet!

23 March 7th, 2009


I think I’ll try to make this, even though I don’t have a Polaroid. I am interested and Katz’s has some AWESOME beef bacon! :)

24 March 7th, 2009

Jason Garber

RSVP’ing, just in case!

25 March 9th, 2009

Peter Andersen

Yes I’d like to come thanks (2 of us)

26 March 10th, 2009

Damiano Vukotic

I’d like to come! Damiano

27 March 10th, 2009

Tom Watson

Thanks for RSVPing! I’m not sure how much space we’re going to have, but I let Katz’s Deli know we’re coming!

28 March 11th, 2009


I’ll be there! With a friend :)

29 March 11th, 2009

Chris Williams

Sounds Delicious

30 March 13th, 2009


Cool. I’ll definitely be coming, and bringing a couple of friends too.

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