Taken by Peter Baker.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

January 13th, 2011

annarbor, architecture, building, car, garage, grid, michigan, park, parkinggarage, square

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Ann Arbor, MI, United States


01 January 13th, 2011


Oh my god, this is unreal.

02 January 13th, 2011

Alv PĂ©erz

I agree ozols!

03 January 13th, 2011



04 January 13th, 2011


Woah. That is one helluva shot.

05 January 13th, 2011

eri molina


06 January 13th, 2011


thats sickk

07 January 13th, 2011
08 January 13th, 2011


That’s not the Ann Arbor I know so I’m gonna go ahead and call FAKE again.

09 January 13th, 2011

puting bagwis

literally, i dropped my jaw! great!

10 January 13th, 2011


wow thats awsome

11 January 14th, 2011

Tim Schreier

I think VW should give you a free car for this shot!!!

12 January 14th, 2011
13 January 14th, 2011
14 January 14th, 2011

Peter Marler

Stop it, it’s too good.

Actualy don’t.

Jesus I envy your eye.

15 January 15th, 2011


So good.

16 January 17th, 2011

Frabjous Joy

A totally astonishing remarkable shot…

17 January 19th, 2011

Simon Kossoff

Incredible… recently been enjoying your website too..

18 January 21st, 2011

trek eye

Wow! that’s unbelievable!

19 January 25th, 2011

where is m ?

Very very very good !!!

20 January 26th, 2011


Waouuuw. Great. And beautiful.

21 January 28th, 2011


wonderful shot

22 January 28th, 2011

david mendolia

this is absolutely insane

23 January 29th, 2011

Simon Kossoff

This wonderful photo is ‘image of the day’ at ASA(II) blog: alteredstatesofagoraphobia2.blogspot.com/ Thank you. Any objections, please let me know, my best to you.

24 February 4th, 2011

Michael Macfeat

This exists?

25 March 2nd, 2011

Albert Mollon

P e r f e c t

26 May 11th, 2011
27 May 18th, 2011


The subject is so crisp, but the light is quite diffused. Really beautiful!

28 May 23rd, 2011



29 July 1st, 2011

DAngelo Photo

really nice I’ve been noticing similar shots popping up in my work recently, I like flat comps. I just wish you straightened it out a little

30 July 13th, 2011

Jason Yamaoka

really cool

31 August 18th, 2011


Wow, what a cool shot!

32 September 29th, 2011

Maine Islander

Well seen and well done!

33 October 7th, 2011



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