Do Ties Die With Breakups?

Can you ditch the emotional “ties”?

A good year and a half ago I broke up with a girlfriend I’d been with for quite some time. It’d been rocky, I’d moved out of the country, back to the country, we weren’t together, we were, we did the long distance thing, we didn’t. It was messy, it didn’t work, and yeah, it was rough on me. That’s not the point of this post though. At first everything I owned reminded me of her, that box, that plant, we’d exchanged a whole load of gifts and so there were a lot of things I owned that were from her. But after a while most of those feelings faded. Songs didn’t bring up the same memories they once did, even smells lost that extra contextual meaning. Everything except my damn ties.

I don’t get it. She bought me damn near every one of the ones I own and they’re great ties. I usually get compliments when occasions require that I toss one on. What I don’t get is why I still can’t get the associations of her separate from the ties. So I ask you wise Internet, is there something special with ties and breakups that’s inseparable. Should I toss them or is there hope? Will some pagan ritual where I burn things rid me of the emotionally stained tie?

February 19th, 2007


breakups, emotion, ties

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